There are many misconceptions about Thai cuisine. Chili peppers in dozens of varieties give Thai cooking a reputation for being firecracker hot, but they are just one ingredient in the harmonious whole. Contrast and balance are what make a Thai meal: hot and spicy, sweet and sour, pungent and fragrant.

Brilliant taste, texture and color come from the fresh vegetables and fruits, the rich combinations of flavorings such as chilies, garlic and onions, curry mixtures, coriander, coconut cream, basil, lemon grass, mint and tamarind. A meal typically consists of at least three dishes in addition to rice. There is no particular sequence to the dishes and each can be tasted at will. This is a low fat cuisine that seduces the senses yet is packed with nutritional value.

At Regent Thai, we take great care in preparing dishes from recipies handed down for centuries, adjusted to today’s tastes and served in an authentic manner. So stop by and experience the aroma and flavors of Regent Thai cuisine.